Here We Go Again!! What is One More Diagnosis?!?!

Here is some news you don’t hear everyday!! I found out very recently that I have diabetes.

The good thing about the diagnosis is that it explains a lot of symptoms I have been going through.

November 2020-January 2021 I was having a lot of dizzy spells, trouble eating, no appetite, going to the bathroom too much, dehydration and headaches as well as many other problems. Nobody could figure it out. They all mirrored my other diseases so it was so hard to diagnose.

I went to my Primary doctor on December 29, 2020. The doctor sent me to get a full blood workup. I went on December 31, 2020. Because of the holidays they didn’t get the results until January 4, 2021. They found something that was so out of the normal {if I have ever been normal}. My Blood Sugar was at 631.

That day I get a call from my doctor’s office calls me that I need to get right to the hospital. I was shocked. They said my blood sugar is dangerously high. It was at 631, the normal is 90-140.

I rush over to the hospital walk in normally and told them that my Primary Doctor rushed me to the hospital. They had me sit in the waiting room and then a nurse came up to me. “I am here to take your blood sugar.”

So I am thinking okay…. Then all of a sudden I was in a whirlwind of activity….

The nurse runs over and grabs a wheelchair, tells me to get in it.

She takes me to an emergency trauma room.

They help me on the table and as soon as I am on the table I look up and I see about ten emergency workers running in and working on me. I am truly at a loss at this time because I barely knew what was going on.

I see they are pumping me with fluids through an IV and of course have the EKG and oxygen on by then.

Finally three doctors come in and tell me that my blood sugar is now at 890. One doctor couldn’t understand how I was still lucid and answering questions.

The thing about it is that I didn’t really understand what was going on because I never habd blood sugar problems. The numbers I didn’t really know what they meant. Finally an endocrinologist came over and told me ” You see sir, your blood sugar shouldn’t be over 140. Most people with a blood sugar of 850 or higher are in a diabetic coma, and out of those people 75%-80% don’t wake up.

That is when I found out how serious it was. I cried! My mind was racing. Thinking about my family (who wasn’t allowed in the hospital), my friends and then my Sarcoidosis community. I was truly afraid. How many times can I beat death??

Why do I keep beating death?

There must be some plan for me, but what plan?

What did God want me to do or finish?

I also thought about how it is getting scary to keep doing this….

I wanted to put this in the book because no matter what only God knows the plan for you!!!

I am still here! I am still fighting!!

I feel I haven’t reached my destiny yet!

I want to thank everyone who has helped me in all my life ups and downs! Without each and everyone of you I wouldn’t be where I am!!

Author: fjr311

Frank Rivera- Founder/President- Sarcoidosis of Long Island Founder/President- RareNY Frank Rivera founded Sarcoidosis of Long Island in 2012. In 2011 Frank was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis after being misdiagnosed with lung cancer for 7 years prior. Since opening Sarcoidosis of Long Island he has been a local, state and federal advocate for Sarcoidosis to raise awareness for Sarcoidosis in the government sector. He has also spoke at two Congressional briefings for Sarcoidosis. Frank is a National Ambassador for Foundation for Sarcoidosis Patient Ambassador for Illumina Frank organized RareNY in 2016, to raise awareness for Rare Diseases in New York. He organized “A Day for Rare Diseases” in October 2016 in New York with Global Genes. The event raised awareness for all 7000+ rare diseases to the public.

2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!! What is One More Diagnosis?!?!”

  1. Frank, you have my utmost support during this time. I know what you are dealing with because I too suffer with Type 2 diabetes brought on because of the Prednisone. My continuous fluctuations in levels of steriods due to various flare ups. I feel for you, but we Warrior’s are strong. We fight the fight everyday, all day. If anyone can beat this, we can.
    Love to you and the family,
    Marilyn McNeill

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